Monkeys and passions

Ian Zempech and co-creator Laura A Coats founded Busy Monkey Studios together in 2015. As well as sharing a passion for art and illustration Ian and Laura both have an unusual interest in True Crime and Astronomy.

"We like making things..."


Ian has an affiliation with our closest primate cousins, as he is to date the only known sufferer of a condition known as Primophia in which the rest of the world see him as a man but in the mirror he sees the face and body of a chimpanzee. Ian does not like having his photograph taken but prefers to create his own portraits.


Laura has no real excuse.

She just loves all things monkey.

DISCLAIMER: Busy Monkey Studios is a trading name and is fully owned by LACoatsArt. All artwork is the intellectual property of and copyrighted by Laura A Coats.

Ian Zempech is a ficticious character and any resemblence to any person or non-human persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

No monkeys, apes or non-human primates have been employed in the creation of any of the artwort on this site. For more information visit www.lacoatsart.com

Ian Zempech, 2016

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About Busy Monkey Studios

Busy Monkey Studios is based in Bath, UK


We currently hold a market stall every second Sunday of the month at Green Park Market, as part of the Bath Artisan Brunch Market.



We care greatly about the environment and where possible we source ethically produced, recycled and/or biodegradable materials for the making of our products.