Why hire design services from Busy Monkey Studios?

Artist and Illustrator, Laura A Coats, has years of experience in design and illustration and takes great pride in creating top notch

graphics for web and print. We ensure a fast turnaround for your artworks and provide full licensing for your piece of mind.


How do I go about submitting my brief to you and what details should it contain?

Despite the name a brief can be as long and detailed as you like. The more detail, the easier it is for your illustrator to understand exactly what you are looking for. Basic sketches or drawings of your ideas are always welcome and shall never be judged, they can usually help us to see your vision for the work and never need to be perfect, that's what we are here for!


If I don't like the design or you haven't quite made me what I wanted, can the work be redone?

YES! Absolutely. In the unlikely and rare situation when you might be unhappy with the outcome of a design piece, we will endeavour to work on it until we get it right for you. Hours and licence fees are chargeable at a standard rate for illustration (see fee table below) but in the very unlikely situation that you are really unhappy with the work we will waiver the licence fees and only invoice for the hours spent on your project.


Why do I have to sign a license agreement before you will make the artwork?

Licenses for artworks are important. They are there to protect both the commissioner of the work and the artist creating it. The terms of the licence for a specific artwork will be agreed in advance directly between the artist and the client. Terms usually include (but are not limited to) such details as assignment of intellectual property rights, exclusivity and permitted forms of usage of artworks and longevity of usage rights. They also contain and confirm crucial terms of the work being undertaken as set by Busy Monkey Studios which will cover such occasions as project cancellations and payment terms etc...


How much will it cost me to use your services?

Different projects come with different costs. Below are my current rates and some examples of fees chargable for a range of projects:



Standard Hourly Rate: £15

Standard Day Rate: £120 (per 8 hour day)

Licence fees: Dependant on project


Single Logo: £25 fixed rate (includes licence fee)

Logos variations (multiple designs): Hourly rate plus £10 single licence fee

Banners, letterheads, small graphics for web/social media: hourly rate plus £10 licence fee per design

Full branding service: hourly rate plus £50 license fee

Backgrounds for websites: £25 fixed rate (includes licence fee)

Illustrations for print: Hourly rate plus £25 licence fee per item

Design for marketing/promotional material: £15 per hour plus £25 single licence fee

(posters, t-shirts, vouchers, flyers etc...)

Infographics: Hourly rate plus £25 licence fee per design





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