Selected Project Showcase

Secret London Runs - Running Tours & Events company, London UK

Company brand design plus original illustration work for marketing & promotional material

Fluffy Little Zebra - Product Design Company, Bristol

Illustrations for laser cut products named the "Bramblehoof  Collection"

(inspired by upcoming children's book series by L. A. Coats - see below)

The Adventures of Bramblehoof

Children's book series currently being created by L.A.Coats at Busy Monkey Studios

DISCLAIMER: Busy Monkey Studios is a trading name and is fully owned by LACoatsArt. All artwork is the intellectual property of and copyrighted by Laura A Coats.

Ian Zempech is a ficticious character and any resemblence to any person or non-human persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

No monkeys, apes or non-human primates have been employed in the creation of any of the artwort on this site. For more information visit www.lacoatsart.com


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Illustration and Design - Client Services

What we offer - Original traditional illustration and asset creation with a contemporary twist, ideal for web and print.

Brand design service and promotional material production including maps, posters, leaflets, postcards, gift vouchers, invitations etc.


To read more information on our design services please click here. 

Alternatively you can get in touch by email busymonkeystudios@gmail.com or phone us on 07427 700001

Old Railway View - Farm and Campsite, Llandysul, Wales

Company brand design



Fringe Arts Bath Festival, Bath

Three designs submitted for the FaB festival poster and magazine cover call for entry 2017.

The pug was chosen as the winner and with a bit of tweaking the design was made into 25,000 magazines distributed across Somerset and surrounding areas. The poster was also made into a map of all the venues

which could be folded into a wearable hat!


The gorilla was also popular with the FaB team and they incorporated it into a banner on the official website.



The Data Analysis Bureau, London

Creation of infographics and illustrations for company website

Recent freelance client work and personal projects in illustration and design