Idle hands do not reside here at Busy Monkey Studios - asides from producing beautiful arty gifts we also spend vast amounts of time creating beautiful illustrations and artwork for a range of clients.


We welcome design brief submissions from anyone in need of our bespoke creative services and we are always happy to offer competitive but affordable rates for newly established companies or small businesses.


With a team of highly skilled busy monkeys we are proud to be able to offer a fresh and innovative blend of traditional and digital media to create the best work to the exceptional standards.


Feel free to contact us for more information or to submit your brief: submissions@busymonkystudios.co.uk


DISCLAIMER: Busy Monkey Studios is a trading name and is fully owned by LACoatsArt. All artwork is the intellectual property of and copyrighted by Laura A Coats.

Ian Zempech is a ficticious character and any resemblence to any person or non-human persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

No monkeys, apes or non-human primates have been employed in the creation of any of the artwort on this site. For more information visit www.lacoatsart.com

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Turn your beloved pet, family photos or quirky ideas into an affordable unique piece of art.

Order prints or cards of your original illustration to share with friends and family.

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